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Important Update

Topolgus Surgical Associates was a physician group specializing in general surgery procedures. Our practice was founded in the 1940’s by James N. Topolgus, Sr., and was incorporated in 1970 by James N. Toplgus, Jr. The mission of our surgical practice was to provide the highest quality medical and surgical services to all of our patients. Our values included treating patients, their family and caretakers, and our employees with best medical practices and superior ethical standards.

This group disbanded in 2015, where James N. Topolgus, Jr. became an employee of Monroe Hospital/Monroe Physician Group, and our other surgeons either retired or relocated to other locations in the USA. Administrative activities still remain today, however, to reach a previous physician, or seeking surgical care today, please contact Dr. Topolgus at Monroe. The current phone number is 812-676-3000.

James N. Topolgus, Sr.  and  James N. Topolgus, Jr. at Bloomington Hospital operating room, February 1974